It is important to remember that participants are marked for both correct procedure and correct spelling. If the team has not followed the correct procedure, it will get a zero even if the spelling is correct. The procedural and scoring rules are as follows:

  1. Procedural Rules:
    1. The designated speller from each team will have a total of 40 seconds to give the spelling of the word.
    2. During the first 20 seconds:
      • The designated speller can consult the team members
      • Any team member can ask the pronouncer to repeat the word or the meaning of the word. For Urdu Spelling Bee, the meanings of words will not be provided.
    3. A signal will be given at the end of 20 seconds. After that signal, the designated speller has 20 seconds to spell the word, during which:
      • No discussion is allowed between team members
      • Team members cannot ask any questions or request the pronouncer to repeat the word
      • Team members cannot correct or stop or prompt the speller while she/he is spelling the word
    4. Another signal will be given at the end of 40 seconds.
    5. When answering, the speller must follow the “Say-SPELL-Say” process, by first saying the word, spelling it, and then saying the word again.
    6. The speller should spell the word slowly and audibly, so that the pronouncer can hear each letter clearly.
    7. The speller may remain seated while answering.
    8. No team member is allowed to write or type words, unless asked by the PSB officials.
    9. Once the speller has spelt the whole word, whether correctly or incorrectly, she/he will not be allowed to correct herself/himself. Example: If the speller is asked the spelling of APPLE, and she/he incorrectly spells it as A-P-L-E, the word cannot be corrected because the whole word has been spelled. However, if the speller has only spelled up to A-P-L, and not said the last letter, she/he will be allowed to correct the spelling, but, in that case, the ‘Say-SPELL-Say’ process must be followed again.
    10. If the designated speller has started spelling the word before the 40 second signal is given, she/he will be allowed to complete spelling the word, but will not be allowed to correct the spelling.
    11. If a team loses its allotted time of 40 seconds on account of any outside disruptions, it will be either given extra time to spell it, or given a new word and allotted another 40 seconds to spell it. The decision to grant the extra time or a new word will be made at the discretion of the pronouncer.

  2. Scoring Rules + Sample Mark Sheet
    1. If both procedure and spelling are correct, the student will get 2 (two) marks.
    2. If the procedure is correct but the spelling is incorrect, the student will get -1 (minus one).
    3. If a speller is unable to spell a word or refuses to do so, the speller will get -1 (minus one).
    4. If the procedure is incorrect but the spelling is correct, the student will get 0 (zero).
    5. If both procedure and spelling are incorrect, the student will get -1 (minus one).
    6. Scoring Rules
      Correct procedure + Correct spelling Marks = 2
      Correct procedure + Incorrect spelling Marks = -1
      No answer Marks = -1
      Incorrect procedure + Correct spelling Marks = 0
      Incorrect procedure + Incorrect spelling Marks = -1

  3. General Rules And Regulations
    1. Schools which have sent their registrations by post, will be sent their team slips in advance of the competition to review and correct any errors in the student names or grades. Schools which have registered online at are responsible for the accuracy of their data.
    2. The school supervisor(s) must print and bring the team slips on the day of the competition. Teams will not be allowed entry into the competition rooms without them. Any tampering with the team slips will result in immediate disqualification of the team, and the entire school branch.
    3. Two weeks in advance of the Pakistan Spelling Bee event, registered teams will be sent their reporting time, schedule and directions for their center. All teams are required to make their own arrangements to be present at the designated regional center on the appointed date and time.
    4. If a team fails to show up for a PSB round at its reporting time, the PSB reserves the right to disqualify it, in which event the school and team registration fee shall not be refunded.
    5. A team will not be allowed to participate in the PSB unless accompanied by the school supervisor, who must bring her/his original CNIC and school ID for verification.
    6. Only one school supervisor is allowed for up to six teams. A school supervisor may be added for every additional set of six teams.
    7. The school supervisor must remain present at the competition venue with her/his team(s) until their safe departure after the competition.
    8. School supervisors are allowed to accompany their teams into the competition rooms, but must leave all communication devices, audio/video recorders, and cameras outside with the PSB organizers. Breach of this rule will result in the disqualification of the team and school branch.
    9. Parents are not allowed in other competition rooms but are welcome to watch Round Three of the PSB Regional Championship and the Champions’ Round of the PSB National Championship which will be held in front of an audience.
    10. Any improper or inappropriate behavior or any attempt to disrupt the competition by a team member, team member’s parent, school representative or official, or team supporter will result in the team’s and school branch’s immediate disqualification from the PSB.
    11. All PSB competitions will be audio-recorded.
    12. After the speller has spelled the word, the pronouncer will announce whether the spelling is correct or incorrect. To ensure accuracy, the pronouncer’s scorecard will be tallied with the verifier’s scorecard before the results are tabulated, and any conflicts or discrepancies resolved by referring to the audio recording of the session.
    13. Only the registered team members will be allowed to participate in the competition. A team will remain eligible as long as at least one member is available to represent it.
    14. A team may choose a designated speller for each round, but it cannot change its designated speller in the middle of a round.
    15. If a team is represented by a single student, she/he will become the designated speller by default.
    16. After the registration deadline, any change(s) requested by a school in the registered team members will be subject to a fee of PKR 1,000 (one thousand) per change.
    17. The participants must wear their school’s official uniform while participating in the PSB.
    18. The teams will receive their name stickers at the PSB reporting desk, and must wear them at all times during the competition.
    19. Students are not allowed to bring any printed material or electronic devices in the competition area.
    20. If a school has submitted the school registration fee but not registered its team(s) by the time team registration is closed for the respective regional center, it will not be allowed to participate in the PSB, and its school registration fee will not be refunded.
    21. Additional rules for the PSB regional centers may apply.

    1. Appeals may only be filed by the School Supervisor at the end of a round on the 2024 PSB Appeal Form available in the competition hall.
    2. Individuals, parents or team members are not allowed to make any appeals directly or indirectly to the Pakistan Spelling Bee officials.
    3. PSB officials will make their best efforts to address all appeals and resolve all complaints where a team has been put at a disadvantage by an error of the pronouncer or verifier.
    4. Decisions of PSB officials are final.