All participants, parents, and school administrators must carefully read these rules to better understand the eligibility, format, and marking criteria for the 2024 PSB.


A student participating in the 2024 PSB must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must be from a school branch that is registered with the PSB.
  2. At the time of her/his participation in PSB 2024, a student must be enrolled in the grade in which she/he is competing.
  3. The age limit for different grades is as follows:
  4. Grade Age on 30 June 2024
    Grade 10 17 years or under
    Grade 9 16 years or under
    Grade 8 15 years or under
    Grade 7 14 years or under
    Grade 6 13 years or under
    Grade 5 12 years or under
    Grade 4 11 years or under
    Grade 3 10 years or under
  5. In schools where O-Level Year 1 starts from Grade 9, students up to O-Level Year 2 can enroll. In schools where O-Level Year 1 starts from Grade 8, students up to O-Level Year 3 can enroll, as long as they meet the age requirement for their grade.
  6. The student must not disrupt her/his school attendance and assignments to study for the spelling bee.
  7. The student must not have any family members who are current employees of Storykit or work for the Pakistan Spelling Bee.
  8. PSB may disqualify any student who does not fulfill the eligibility requirements, and may require her/him to return the award(s) received.
  9. Home-schooled students cannot register for 2024 PSB.