1. School branches must individually register with the Pakistan Spelling Bee.
  2. Each team can have from one to three students.
  3. School branches may register teams to participate in both English and Urdu spelling competitions.
  4. There is no upper limit on the number of teams a school branch may register from each grade.
  5. Teams will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.School and team registrations for a city and regional center may close before the registration deadline if the registration limit is reached.
  6. A student or team cannot participate in both English and Urdu spelling competitions.
  7. A student or team cannot register to compete in the 2024 PSB multiple times.
  8. A school branch may register with PSB by one of the two methods:
    1. ONLINE: By making a free account with and uploading proof of payment of the applicable school registration fee. Once the proof of school registration payment is verified, the school will be able to add teams online. The teams’ enrollment will be confirmed once the proof of team registration payment is verified and the Student Participation and Consent Form has been received.
    2. BY MAIL: By downloading the 2024 PSB Registration Pack, and filling out, and submitting the 2024 PSB School Branch Registration Form, 2024 PSB Regional Championship Team Registration Form(s) and the 2024 Student Participation and Consent Form(s) with the cheque, bank draft, pay-order, or proof of payment by courier or registered post.
  9. The school must ensure that the 2024 PSB Student Participation and Consent Form, included in the Registration Pack and available on the website, is signed by each participating student’s parent or legal guardian, and verified by the school administration. School branches registering online must upload the image of the original, and keep the original in the school record up to 30 June 2025, to share with the PSB head office upon demand.
  10. As the PSB will be held during August-December 2024, students should register for the grade(s) they will have advanced to at the time of the competition. Example: Amna lives in Karachi and is a Grade 5 student in May 2024, when her school registers for the PSB. Therefore, Amna should register to participate in Grade 6 competition, because when the competition is held in Karachi in September 2024, she will have advanced to Grade 6.

Register your teams by 31 May 2024 and receive the following rewards:
  1. Register 25 teams (English and Urdu languages) from one school branch and receive a cheque of PKR 10,000 for your school.
  2. Register 20 teams (Urdu language only) from one school branch and receive a cheque of PKR 10,000 for your school.
  3. Register 50 teams from one school branch and the Pakistan Spelling Bee team will conduct a FREE Spelling Bee Training Session for either English or Urdu language at that branch.