1. What is the Pakistan Spelling Bee?
    Pakistan Spelling Bee (PSB) is a nationwide spelling competition for school children. It is held for both English and Urdu languages.
  2. Which grades are eligible to participate in the Pakistan Spelling Bee?
    Grades 3-10 (including O-Level and MYP) are eligible to participate in Pakistan Spelling Bee.
  3. What are the dates of the English and Urdu Spelling Bee competitions?
    Both English and Urdu Spelling Bee competitions will be held as separate events during August-December 2024. For the timetable, please visit here
  4. What is the school branch registration fee for 2024 PSB Regional and National Championships?
    The school registration fee for the 2024 PSB Regional and National Championships is PKR 5,000 (five thousand) per branch for each language.
  5. How can a school register for the Pakistan Spelling Bee?
    Schools can register online by creating a free account at pakistanspellingbee.com and uploading the proof of payment for the applicable fee, or by downloading the 2024 PSB Registration Pack, filling out the relevant forms, and sending the completed forms with the applicable fee.
  6. What is the team registration fee for PSB Regional Championship?
    The team registration fee for the PSB Regional Championship is PKR 3,000 (three thousand) per grade per language.
  7. How can we calculate the cost of participation in the PSB Regional Championship?
    The following example shows how to calculate the school branch and team registration costs for participation in the 2024 Pakistan Spelling Bee Regional Championship.
    School Registration Language(s) Branches Cost (PKR) Total (PKR)
    1 1 5,000 5,000
    Team Registration Language(s) Teams Cost (PKR) Total (PKR)
    1 2 3,000 6,000
    Grand Total 11,000
  8. Can I enroll directly in the PSB National Championship?
    No. Only the PSB Regional Championship winners can qualify for the PSB National Championship.
  9. How many students can a team have?
    A team can have a maximum of 3 (three) students from the same grade and school branch.
  10. How many teams can a school branch register from each grade?
    There is no upper limit on the number of teams a school branch may register from each grade, provided there is space.
  11. Will the competition be held between teams from the same grade level?
    Yes, all teams will only compete with teams from the same grade level. For example, a Grade 5 team will only compete with other Grade 5 teams.
  12. Will the competition accept British or American spellings?
    Both British and American spellings will be accepted in the competition.
  13. Will the competition be judged on correct spelling of a word OR both correct spelling and correct pronunciation?
    The competition will ONLY take into account the correct spelling of a word. We do not discriminate against variant pronunciations.
  14. What are the different stages of the competition?
    The competition is held in two stages: The PSB Regional Championship (3 rounds) and the PSB National Championship (2 rounds).
  15. Does the Pakistan Spelling Bee team help the schools with the preparation?
    The Pakistan Spelling Bee team is available to guide schools and answer any questions by phone or email. Schools can also book PSB training sessions for a fee.
  16. What provisions are made by the PSB for children with special needs?
    The PSB administration will do its best to accommodate students with physical challenges and special needs. Schools are requested to inform PSB to accommodate students with special needs involving sight, hearing, speech or movement, at the time of team registration. PSB officials may, at their sole discretion, administer oral, written, or online tests for students with special needs to make the competition accessible to them.
  17. Who is responsible for the logistics of team travel?
    All teams must make their own travel arrangements to and from their regional center, and be present on the given date at their reporting time. Teams must also make their own lodging and board arrangements where extended or overnight stay may be required.